You Can Agree to Make a Contract Electronically Without Explicitly Saying So

In Texas, when the law requires a contract to be in writing, electronic communications can satisfy that requirement, but only if each party agrees to conduct the transaction electronically.  Even when neither party explicitly says that it has agreed to conduct transactions by electronic means, the context and surrounding circumstances can show that that the […]

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Baylor Case: Public Statements Can Waive Privilege

Baylor University was concerned that it was not in full compliance with federal law relating to complaints of sexual harassment and violence. Baylor also expected litigation.  Baylor’s Board of Regents hired the Pepper Hamilton law firm to investigate Baylor’s procedures, policies and other “institutional response” aspects of Baylor’s compliance obligations.  Baylor and Pepper Hamilton agreed […]

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Texas Supreme Court Opinion is a Manual for Handling Discovery Disputes

By issuing In Re: State Farm, the Texas Supreme Court gave lawyers a manual for handling discovery disputes in Texas courts.  The opinion lists seven factors for balancing the requesting party’s need for discovery with the responding party’s claim of burden and cost.  The factors are: Likely benefit of requested discovery; Needs of the case; […]

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A Duty to Preserve Mobile Data – YES!

A duty to use reasonable efforts to preserve potentially relevant information, including electronic data, arises when litigation has commenced or is reasonably anticipated. Today, mobile devices often contain unique, relevant data.  Moreover, due to available technology, preserving mobile data is now generally easy and relatively inexpensive. Quite simply, the combination of unique, relevant data with […]

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